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 How to 
Method 1
How to Sign up new member?

Go to member Login icon(top right hand corner) of Nexus Legend website and click on the MEMBER LOGIN Click, and you'll see a pop up window as shown below.
Verify Code:  1688 

 Login     Clear 

User: 010143021750
Password: 3rc88dzb
Verify Code: 1688

You will see icons...
Family tree, Sign up Downline, Public Re-entry, Rank Upgrade,
Shopping Cart, e-Account, Auto Maintenance, Redemption,
Change Password, Bonus, Profile, Announcement,

In the "Sign up Downline" icon, click and a pop up window
Select country "Which country are you from?"
click triangle arrow on the right, and you will see drop down navigation with list of the following:-


Click on Malaysia, you will see Terms of Agreement
r I have read and accept the Nexus Legend Distributor Terms of Agreement.
Click  Agree 

Online Registration
Fill up the "Distributor Application Form" and click "next" icon and follow the instructions till you finish registration.
Syabas! Welcome to our family of Nexus Legand as new member. Do contact your uplines for video's, cd's, talk online, materials and other support to equip you in this multi-billion $$$ business.

加入会员 Yuran Keahlian RM35

Remember! Registration as member is one time:- MYR35.00
How to sign your friend Wong Ah Fatt in Tawau, Sabah and you are in Miri?
What are the steps?
Logon to and go to "Sign Up Downline" icon. Fill up your new downline information and pay by eAccount or by way of Credit Card. It will lead you to Product Purchase Shopping Cart and till finish. That's easy!!!
For more details please call any of us or
Miss Leong
Nexus Legend Sdn.Bhd.
E-7-22, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya 47170 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603 80711117
Fax: +603 80711118
Map of Puchong Selangor
[Nexus Legend HQ is opposite of IOI Mall]
Or You can ask him to bank in the exact amount to your bank account do as follows:-
Choose any of the package below to start his/her business. Package N1 have a grace period of 60 days on date of registration. Must upgrade to N2 or N3 within 60 days. After due date, you can't upgrade anymore but still earn Performance Bonus up to MYR340.00 daily. Others bonuses you also enjoy.
For Price List Click here
    N1 - Package 1 Earn up to MYR340.00 daily(Performance bonus)
  • MYR177.00(cxa) + MYR35.00=MYR212.00
  • MYR208.00(mxp) + MYR35.00=MYR243.00
  • MYR315.00(axl) + MYR35.00=MYR350.00

  • N2 - Package 2 Earn up to MYR1,700.00 daily(Performance bonus)
  • MYR177.00(cxa) + MYR208.00(mxp) + MYR315.00(axl) + MYR35.00=MYR735.00
  • Please to N3 at Price List. Click Here
EASY PAYMENT (6th - 12th month)
NexusLegend accept all Bank Credit Card transaction through NexusLegend office and stockists.
You can also shop and sign up your new downlines online by Log in. Happy shopping!
Soon your friends in the Asia countries can signup online themselves.

email or call us at any time:   》 Mathias Tagal Mobile: +6012 8041972
User id: 010144562339 Maybank acct:161024407999 》 Danny Chaw Mobile:   +6013 8081668
User id: 010143021750 Maybank acct:102072303446
     》 ask Michael Wong Mobile: +6016 8793525
     》 ask Joan Caroline Mobile: +6010 9641340

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[Nexus Legend HQ is opposite of IOI Mall]
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